Voting is Important

November 3rd is the most important day of the year for Americans.  It is election day and this presidential election is the most watched event globally.  Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, or Independent voting this year will determine the direction of America.  We know that the two candidates for president have completely different ideas for handling everything from Covid-19 to the economy. Their philosophies are complete opposites and there are positives and negatives to both.  

As an entrepreneur and business teacher I am very interested in the direction of our country.  A robust economy means success for my business and allows my business students more opportunities to work with companies around the world on real projects.  If the economy takes a downturn or we do not get a complete handle on Covid-19 then my business will suffer and my students will have less opportunities to work on projects.  

What makes our country great is the ability for all of us to sit down and discuss our differences and come to common grounds that will benefit the American people.  Unfortunately the tone of the election and the last four years has been to slip away from what makes our country unique. It is vital that, as a voter, you go out and vote for the candidate that you feel will represent you well over the next four years.  Let your voice be heard at the ballot box.  If you do not vote then you are forfeiting your right to be heard and have to accept the outcome when you could have changed it.

KPS is not going to endorse one candidate over the other, but hopes that all who can vote, will vote.  Our civic responsibility to the future of our country is at stake and only at the ballot box can you have a voice in the direction of our country.  

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