Tie Trends for Spring

KPS Distribution works with the marketing students at La Salle Institute in Troy, NY.  One of their projects was to look for fashion trends for 2021.  Alexander Do, a Marketing Research student, wrote this blog on what to look for in trends for Ties this spring and summer

Trends in Men’s Ties Styles for Spring 2021 Report

Before analyzing the styles that are expected for men’s tie styles for Spring 2021, it is important to note the correct width that men will choose in order to match their body styles. This is a crucial consideration that men make when choosing to purchase a tie since it is a representation of who they are and therefore, men want to portray the most accurate
representation. As a general rule, men with more narrow frames generally wear a slimmer tie style while men with a wide build will generally wear a wider fit. Men will keep this in mind to pick the perfect tie width that will not be at one end of the extreme or the other. Having an understanding of how men pick their tie width, it is now important to analyze the possible styles that we will see emerge in the Spring of 2021.
 As a general analysis of the tie trends in the Spring, men will favor a more vibrant and lively tie style. For instance, printed ties with geometric patterns and polka dot styles are preferred by men in the Spring. These kinds of patterns are often viewed by men as eye-catching and appealing.

Another kind of style of ties that men will tend to wear in the Spring are floral pattern ties. As we know, Spring is characterized by the flowers blooming and blossoming. Therefore, it makes sense that men would want to wear ties that closely resemble their current state of environment. The floral pattern offers men the ability to show their lively and high-spirited personality which is very often emphasized during the Spring.

Therefore, we note that the men’s ties styles for the Spring of 2021 will primarily consist of the following:

● Geometric Patterns
● Polka Dot Patterns
● Floral Patterns

It is also important to note the general characteristics of men’s ties styles for the Spring of 2021 that will attract men to purchase them:

● Bright
● Energetic
● Lively
● Vibrant

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