The Holidays Are Upon Us

It is amazing at how fast the holiday season comes up every year. Year in year out the holiday season starts earlier and earlier when it comes to retail.  This year we can expect a historic year in online purchasing.  Covid-19 will be a boon for the online shopper and for even those that have never shopped online.  The fear of being out amongst the crowds doing holiday shopping will drive people to their technology to purchase presents. KPS Distribution feels that purchasing unique products from around the world can give your loved one an unexpected joy when opening their gifts.  Anyone can purchase a Coach or Michael Kors bag but can you find a handcrafted soft Italian Leather bag from Bolsa Nova Handbags on the traditional sites like Amazon.  They get lost in the shuffle.  Or how about a handcrafted British Bag or tie from Marlborough of England or JWP Studios.  KPS offers those special gifts for your loved ones and they will be shipped direct from the manufacturer to your door.

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  • Great and unique products to purchase for family or friends. If you’re tired of walking around with the same brands as everyone else, definitely check out the great selection that KPS has to offer!

    Justin Methe

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