We all know that sales are always the catch for the customer to go shopping.  With the new reality being Covid-19 and people being nervous about going to shopping malls and crowded streets, the best way to shop is online.  There have been many advertisements running recently that shows the importance of the sales and online shopping.  From Amazon to Walmart, retailers have started their Black Friday sales weeks ahead of the official start of the holiday season.

This is a trend that, even when we get back to normal, will continue which takes away from the magic of the Black Friday sales day.  This will also impact the Cyber Monday sales events.  Cyber Monday, at this time, is every day since the sales have begun.  The only way Cyber Monday can be impactful is if online retailers basically give away the store.  In the fight for profits this can be a dangerous path to follow.  The consumer is a very wise shopper and will only expect bigger sales which will negatively impact the bottom line of many e-commerce retailers.

For many startups, in the world of e-commerce, this trend can spell trouble.  Startups can't match the deep pockets of an Amazon or Walmart so giving away the store, just to be competitive, puts them at a disadvantage.  This is not to say that Amazon or Walmart are trying to take control of a market but that the little guy is always looking up at them.  KPS Distribution is one of the little guys.  We are a start up e-commerce retailer that offers products from around the world that you might not find on bigger e-commerce sites. 

Our approach is to collaborate with our vendors to offer products that will please any shopper and always discuss with the vendors our approach and methods so they are on board with us and almost act as partners with us in this venture.  We also designated part of our profits to support many foundations who are being impacted by Covid-19.  We all must do our parts to support the communities we live and work in and KPS is intending to be a leader in this. 

Starting this week we have put a 20% sale on all items on our site and if a person subscribes to our site we will give them the friends and family discount on top of that 20%. We should also be adding in the next week to two weeks a couple of clothing lines and a shoe line to our mix of businesses/vendors.  

Happy Holidays from KPS Distribution and may 2021 be a year where we get back to normal.

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