Part of our mission, as a company, is to make sure that part of our revenue is donated to non profit organizations who provide much needed support to communities across the United States.  We will be donating to La Salle Institute, Saratoga War Horse Foundation, Ronald McDonald House, Tunnels for Towers Foundation, and Wounded Warriors.  La Salle Institute is a 170 year old private school that offers inspiring programs that turn our children into contributing members of society.  One such program is the business department that provides students with the opportunity to mix their academics with real world business projects.  Many of the students are working with us to make sure that we provide the best products from around the world for the consumer. Saratoga War Horse Foundation works with our veterans who suffer from PTSD and MST.  This innovated program links up veterans with thoroughbred racehorses to build a bond and relieve the suffering they are experiencing.  Everyone knows the value that Ronald McDonald house offers and we are proud to donate to them.  Tunnels for Towers helps to pay off mortgages for families who have lost a loved one that was a first responder and Wounded Warriors provides many services to our veterans who have given so much in service to our country.  Everytime you purchase through KPS Distribution you are supporting these foundations in service to our communities.

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