Our Mission

KPS Distribution is a unique e-commerce experience bringing products and services from around the world to your doorstep.  KPS came out of the business program at La Salle Institute in upstate NY, where the business students work on real world projects. KPS was created to also provide job opportunities to La Salle Institute Alumni upon completion of their college education.  Since we came from the La Salle community we want to first provide opportunities to the community.  

KPS Distribution's products come from the companies that work with the students at La Salle.  From Marlborough of England to TB Studios the products offered are unique to the American Market and are quality products.  Marlborough of England offers handcrafted British leather, Bolsa Nova Handbags produces fine Italian Leather handbags, Triesti Sneakers offers Italian Leather sneakers that are great every day shoes, TB Studios provides the consumer with natural hair care products, The Inspire Me Travel Company offers unique travel experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime, and JWP Studios is an up and coming men's line that currently offers hand sewn silk ties.

We hope that your experience at KPS will keep you coming back and telling others. Look for us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.  We will be offering unique buying opportunities as we approach the holidays.  

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