Mothers Day

We are running our Mother's Day sale at KPS starting today where all products for those Mother's in our lives who have laid the foundations of our lives.  I find Mother's Day to be that day that we show our mother's how much we love them and appreciate everything they did and do for us.  

I know that I lost my mother to breast cancer in 1985 and to this day it still hurts to know that over the last 36 years she has been absent from all of the important events of my life.  She was an inspiration to me as well as an inspiration to the students she taught.  

After 27 years in the business world, I went into academics, following in my Mothers footsteps and then recently, without leaving the world of education, launched KPS.  The K stands for Kessler which was my mothers maiden name.  I honor my mother by being a teacher, giving back to the community I was raised in, and naming my business after her.

I would love to hear stories about your mothers as we head to this all important day of honor to the women who raised us.

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