Marlborough Of England

Marlborough of England is a unique leather company that crafts everything from travel bags and handbags to golf accessories.  Located in the Midlands of the UK they take pride in their heritage and stick to the standards that reflects British quality.  Handsewn and handcrafted goods that will last.  I had the opportunity to meet the President of the company, Richard Taylor, when on vacation at Disney World in 2013.  We hit it off and at that time I was, and still am, the Business Department Chair at La Salle Institute.  Richard asked if my business students could help him break his products into American.  With Brexit going on and the unsettled economic period at that time it was going to be a challenge but we were up to it.  Gladly helping him out we developed a lasting friendship as well as a strong business relationship.  KPS Distribution is dedicated to making Marlborough of England a household name in the US and we hope that when you get the opportunity to purchase their products you will be impressed with the quality and happy to have purchased them.  If you have any Marlborough products tell us your story about your purchase and even post a picture of you with their products.

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