Last 3 days

With only 3 shopping days left until Christmas, I would like to thank all of those people who have visited our website since our launch in October.  Start ups are not an easy venture and to even start up at the holidays is a risky move.  

For those who are purchasing gifts from us, this week, please be aware that we can not guarantee delivery in time for the holidays.  We will do all we can to get the products to you but please remember that they are shipped direct from the vendor to you so for those products coming from Europe, it would be a long shot at best in terms of getting to you on time.  

We are not known to shoppers and in trying to build a following we have gone through many trials and tribulations.  We do hope that 2021 will bring prosperity to our start up and we are dedicated to making sure that whenever you visit KPS you will see the latest products from around the world and that we will always be up on the trends of the day.

We are finally launching the wholesale side of KPS so that retailers can also buy from us those fashions from around the world.  This is a move that we feel will bring prosperity to our vendors, who are more like family, than just business.  Our vendors mean something to us since they also work with or have worked with my marketing students at La Salle Institute.

The holidays have been a difficult time for many and we hope that everyone has a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season.  Our hearts are broken for those who have been adversely affected by Covid-19 and we only hope that as we move forward, hearts will heal, health will be restored, and we can all get back to living life as we did before Covid.



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