KPS Welcomes Hot Me Sun

KPS Distribution welcomes a new swimsuit line called Hot Me Sun to our family of vendors.   

The founder of Hot Me Sun, Noam Grotas, studied fashion design at The Instituto Marangoni in Milan. This is where she discovered her passion for creating with the intention to help women feel confident. Her goal was to find a niche in the fashion market to help make women more comfortable with their bodies. Once Noam moved to Los Angeles, California, she noticed that the bathing suit market had a gap that she was eager to fill. This is when the ball started rolling and Hot Me Sun was born! During the Pandemic, Noam took the slow down of life as an opportunity to build the collection of her dreams. From picking high quality fabrics to creating the perfect cut, Noam has created something special. Every single pattern and stitch is strategically thought out with the intention to hit the right parts of the body.

In the world of swimsuits, a very competitive market, Hot Me Sun is trying to create looks that every woman would be willing to buy since these suits are designed for comfort and style.  We hope that Hot Me Sun has found a home at KPS and hope that you will welcome them as you have welcomed many of our vendors.

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