KPS Distribution Welcomes Walking Sticks Golf

KPS Distribution would like to welcome Walking Sticks Golf company to its family of vendors offering a product that enhances the golf experience if you love to walk a golf course.

The Walking Sticks consist of three adjustable clubs; each perimeter weighted to perform just like a conventional set of irons so that there is no change to your game.

A complete set including the Walking Sticks and our light weight bag can weigh as little as 10 pounds!

By replacing 9 conventional clubs with just 3 Walking Sticks and our 7" diameter lightweight stand bag, you can reduce the weight of your bag by 60%, enabling you to easily walk the course. Because you're walking, you enjoy the benefits of enhanced cardiovascular activity and exercise while achieving greater focus on your game and the course. 

Combination 3/4/5 Club

3 Iron

21 degrees

4 Iron

25 degrees

5 Iron

29 degrees

Combination 6/7/8 Club

6 Iron

32 degrees

7 Iron

36 degrees

8 Iron

40 degrees


Combination 9/PW/SW Club

9 Iron

44 degrees

Pitching Wedge

49 degrees

8 Sand Wedge

54 degrees

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