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KPS Distribution is proud to announce that JWP Academy is now up on the website. JWP Academy is designed to help entrepreneurs reach their dreams. Each program offered allows the entrepreneur the opportunity to learn what it takes to reach their success, get personalized assistance from a lifestyle success, and have the opportunity to travel to Monaco and experience the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Currently offering for the introduction course an amazingly low price so take advantage of that by going to www.k-p-s-distribution.com and start your path to success.

Success is a perspective.  One person's idea of success is completely different than someone else's.  That doesn't mean that each person's path is different.  Success is a process.  James W. Phillips established JWP Academy to provide entrepreneurs with the foundation to build their success upon.  

Do you have what it takes to climb the ladder to success?  Are you motivated?  Do you know what it takes to be successful?  JWP Academy can help you discover those things.  Each program has something unique to offer that adds to your ability to be successful.  From personalized attention from James Phillips to actually going to an event in Monaco, the entrepreneur is immersed in what it will take to reach your goals and have the success you envision.

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  • Wow!! This sounds So Interesting!! I will definitely be signing up after I have studied for and received my real estate license. Ciao for now.

    Patricia Shenk

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