Jewelry Boxes

Marlborough of England makes a leather jewelry box that will keep your precious jewelry protected from scratches and marks that would diminish their value.  


"Jewellery not only have a high monetary value, but some pieces are also sentimental. You want to keep these in a safe place away from dust and other natural elements. Our large luxury leather jewellery boxes are not only designed for storing that wedding ring or pair of earrings, they’re also décor pieces in their own right. Our luxury leather jewellery box from Marlborough of England is not an item you will want to stash away in the closet or drawer. With its luxurious and handcrafted design, you will want to show it off by placing it on a shelf or on top of a dresser. Each of our jewellery boxes are made from 100% leather on the outside and lined with real suede on the inside. The large box has 60mm x 140mm x 140mm of space. That’s ample room for larger jewellery like bangles, loop earrings, and long bead necklaces. Our jewellery boxes are designed for safekeeping your most prized jewellery. Their stylish design also doubles them as a decorative centrepiece for a bedroom or an open closet."

The description above, from Marlborough of England, best explains the quality, styling, and purpose of their jewelry box.

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