Covid and e-commerce

It is interesting to watch the world's economies struggle with the Covid-19 pandemic and wonder if there is any silver lining to this virus.  As Europe goes through spikes and the USA struggles to keep the virus in check business must still go on as usual.  E-commerce is becoming the true savior to many businesses. as more and more businesses turn to on-line retail to accent their brick and mortars. KPS Distribution is hoping to help many struggling businesses keep open by offering their unique products through our site.  As I have indicated in the past KPS offers only products from businesses that have worked with the La Salle Institute Business Department.  We hope that your desire for unique products from around the world vs. the traditional products sold in every store will bring you to us. As the holidays approach we will have discounts like Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday sales.  Subscribe to our future newsletter and get our Friends and Family discount.

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