Black Friday Sales

Black Friday Sales are coming. Start your Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving and get 25% off all purchases. KPS Distribution wants you to have the best gift giving season by offering products from around the world that you loved ones will truly cherish.

Black Friday has always been the official start to the holiday shopping season.  Covid-19 has put a damper on the festive seasons by putting unease in our daily routines.  Many stores will not hit their numbers this year due to people being afraid to go out and shop.  Online shopping is going to see a dramatic rise in their sales over previous years.

Let's not let the holidays take a hit because of this virus.  Let's go out and make your loved ones holiday season a season to remember.  KPS hopes that everyone will do the best they can to make it a great finish to 2020 and a phenomenal holiday season with your loved ones.  I know that that management at KPS is going to do just that.

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