KPS Distribution Welcomes You

  • The Monthly Restock

        Within the last 3 years every business and manufacturing company has suffered a huge profit loss due to inflation. Inflation rates have gone up...
  • The Bolsa Nova Bundle

    We at KPS are always trying to offer unique ways to experience the products that we have.  Bolsa Nova is an amazing Italian Leather company whose quality will rival the top Handbag designers/manufacturers in the world.  
  • KPS Distribution Welcomes Walking Sticks Golf

    The Walking Sticks consist of three adjustable clubs; each perimeter weighted to perform just like a conventional set of irons so that there is no change to your game.
  • Tie Trends for Spring

    Before analyzing the styles that are expected for men’s tie styles for Spring 2021, it is important to note the correct width that men will choose in order to match their body styles. 
  • Mothers Day

    We are running our Mother's Day sale at KPS starting today where all products for those Mother's in our lives who have laid the foundations of our ...
  • Congratulations Marco

    Relentless Magazine and KPS Distribution will be highlighting, every quarter, a business student from La Salle Institute in the magazine.  Marco Pa...
  • Spring Fling Sale

    Spring has finally arrived and we are happy to announce our Spring Fling Sale.  All products at KPS except for wine, trips and JWP Success Accelera...
  • St. Patrick's Day St. Patrick's Day is the traditional day of celebration when St. Patrick drove the sn...
  • Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day is upon us and we have a 20% off sale running on select products and 10% off on beauty products.  
  • JWP Academy at KPS Distribution

    Do you have what it takes to climb the ladder to success?  Are you motivated?  Do you know what it takes to be successful?  JWP Academy can help you discover those things. 
  • Coming Soon to KPS, the JWP Academy

    Have you ever wondered what the people who have achieved the greatest success have in common?  Do you think about your own success and don't know how to take it to the next level?
  • MLK sale

    This weekend we are having a 25% off sale on select items and 10% off on haircare and beauty products.  KPS Distribution believes in offering the finest products from around the world that you won't find through normal channels.