Giving Tuesday

There isn't a day that goes by where people rise to the occasion and donate to causes that impact their lives.  Whether it is supporting a local food bank or walking for breast cancer we donate our time or money to support those foundations that support others.

KPS Distribution is no different in supporting foundations that support others.  Giving Tuesday is a day to pick the foundation you want to support and donating to them so they can keep their operations running in support of those who need them the most. KPS Distribution has decided to support 5 different foundations or non-profit organizations that provide services to the people who need them.  On this day 5% of all sales will be donated to one of those foundations.  The foundations are La Salle Institute, Saratoga War Horse Foundation, The Ronald McDonald House, Wounded Warriors, and Tunnel for Towers.  Each one of these foundations provide much needed services to their constituents who need them.  From housing for families of children who are battling life threatening disease to supporting our veterans all of these causes give everything they can to support those in need.

La Salle Institute, is a private catholic school, providing a quality education in a college preparatory setting.  As head of the business program I instituted a program that provides real world opportunities to our high school business students.  Currently my students work with over 60 companies in 13 countries. The funding from our sales goes to support the business program in their quest to continue providing opportunities to our students.  Saratoga War Horse is an amazing foundation that provides assistance in combating PTSD and MST through the use of retired race horses.  Their success in reducing suicide rates amongst veterans suffering from PTSD and MST is truly remarkable.  We all know what the Ronald McDonald house does for families, while the children of those families are in the hospital. Having seen what they do, in person, I was touched by the caring attitudes of the volunteers and how much the families appreciate all that is being done for them.  Wounded Warriors truly has the well being of our veterans at heart providing all kinds of support to our veterans who have been injured in service to our country.  Tunnel for Towers came out of the tragedy of 9/11 and provides much needed relief on mortgages to those families who lost a first responder or servicemen in the line of duty to their communities or nation.

How can we not support these great organizations so by taking part of our sales and giving it to them we are doing our part in supporting these worthy causes. I hope during this day, as you shop on line, and especially as you come in to KPS Distributions site you will support our small start up business and at the same time support a worthy charity.  Happy holidays to all and God Bless America.