2021 - A start of a new year

It is a new year and KPS is looking forward to all the possibilities that could be ahead of us.  As a start up company, every opportunity that comes our way from new products to offer to new customers gives us the chance to solidify our e-commerce position in the market.

As a reminder we offer products that you can not purchase through normal channels.  We are providing new markets for these companies so that their products can be seen.  If you are tired of seeing the same old designers and fashion houses on the same websites than KPS Distribution is the place for you to shop.  We offer up and coming brands with quality products that will make your day or a loved ones day.  

Who are our vendors?  They are Bolsa Nova Handbags, Marlborough of England leather goods, JWP Studios (men's wear), Be Your Own Hero (outdoor sport wear), The Twisted Fin (men's wear), TB Elixer by TB Studio (hair care), Bobou Beauty (cosmetic application tools), Northern Cross Vineyards, Triesti (Italian footwear and leisure wear), and Inspire Me Travel (unique travel experiences). 

I believe that we have a place in the market and you as the consumer deserve to experience KPS.  When you subscribe to KPS we will send a newsletter (which will launch in February) detailing trends in the market and any promotional events that will be coming up.  Any purchase over $150.00 automatically gets free shipping and all products are shipped direct from the vendor.  

We are starting off the year with a Celebrate 2021 by offering 21% off of products.  Here is a list of promotions we will be doing at holidays this year:

Valentines Day and Presidents Day will have a 21 % off discount on select products.

St. Patrick's Day will be 21% off on all Marlborough of England Flasks.

Mother's Day will have a 25% off on all handbags. 105 off haircare products, and beauty.

Memorial Day will be 25% off accessories and 10% off of haircare and beauty products.

Father's Day will have a 25% off on all Flasks, Golf Accessories, Wallets, Ties, and Shirts.

July 4th will be 25% off of all products except travel.

Back to School will be a 30% off sale on clothing and backpacks.

Labor Day will be 25% off on all products except haircare and beauty which will be at 10%.

This list is our planning for this year up to the holiday shopping season.  We will be announcing our holiday shopping season promotions in the next few months so you can prepare for gift giving at the end of 2021.

Let's make 2021 a year to remember and make KPS Distribution your destination for finding those unique gifts for that special person/persons in your life.