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Bolsa Nova Handbags

Bolsa Nova is Portuguese for “new bag.” That’s because with just a few quick clicks, you can change your straps to create a new bag of your own creation. Their new washed leather line comes straight from Italy.  Each piece is dyed and washed to create a beautiful and soft vintage look. Their name also pays homage to Bossa Nova music; and the soothing Brazilian sounds conjure up visions of effortless beauty and confidence--which is exactly how they want you to feel.


Triesti of Italy combines artistry with engineering, producing imaginative designs alongside functionality. The interpretation of the brand is defined as continuously creating and adapting, striving to strike equilibrium of comfort with elegance. The iteration of an idea molded to its surroundings is manifested by the icon of the winged lion, a symbol of combination of the beginning and fulfillment. Dedication goes into each product to uphold the highest quality, fitting to a contemporary lifestyle fueled with constant innovation. Passion, perseverance and commitment are at the epicenter of everything the label stands for. 

Marlborough of England

Since its founding in 1972, Marlborough of England has developed to become the largest manufacturer of stainless steel hip flasks made in England. With the introduction in the 1980s of a range of top-end Luxury Ladies and Gentleman’s Leather Goods, Marlborough of England has achieved an unrivaled reputation for producing products of timeless design and quality.